Sherae Reports: The Accreditation Report


Since March of 2012 City College of San Francisco has been fighting for it’s life… otherwise known as it’s accreditation. Without accreditation student’s credit’s would not transfer and would essentially be forced to close as we know it. What has been happing with City College since they were put on “show cause” status from the ACCJC in 2012? Please check out the most recent episode of Sherae Reports where I break down the past year, why this is occurring, and what could happen in the future.

Thank you to Howard Beck, Pat Uland, and Michael Roccaforte for their help with this project. Thank you to Alissa Messer, Larry Kamer, John Rizzo, Shanelle Williams, Wendy Kaufmyn, Madeline Muller for their time and words. Thank you to Francine Podenski for your continued guidance and support.

Sherae Reports: The Princess Project


Last October I met with Brenna Murphy, the Vice President of The Princess Project. The Princess Project is an organization that provides prom dresses for girls who could otherwise not afford it. They service the Bay Area and continue to make girl’s dream of being a princess come true.

You can listen to my interview with Murphy below.

Sherae Reports: Macworld 2013


At the end of Januray, KCSF sent me to cover Macworld 2013. In the first of this series I talk about what new innovations I saw this year, the history of the event, and their special guests: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad, and Click on the banner above to listen to the report.


Josh Gad & Ashton Kutcher discuss playing the co-founders of Apple.
Photo courtesy of Macworld


Brian David Johnson and discuss College Track, popthropology, and the foto.sosho camera. Photo courtesy of Macworld


The registration hall of Macworld 2013, Photo courtesy of Macworld