Families, victims who’ve seen offenders charged speak out in support of Operation: LeGend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Families and victims touched by Operation LeGend are speaking out.

On Monday, they said they’re grateful for the federal agents in Kansas City helping local police solve crimes and bring closure. 

Chautill Wallace, the mother of Chieynne Wallace, is asking people to stop fighting with each other and find a way to work through their differences so no one else ends up like her daughter. 

Chieynne was a bright mother of two little girls. She was also Kansas City’s 112th homicide of 2020.

“Chieyenne lit the whole room up with her smile,” Wallace said. “Chieyenne was the life of the party. He dimmed our life when he did that. We have to do something different.”

Chieyenne Wallace died on July 24 at the Cloverleaf Apartments. KCPD said prosecutors charged Michael Skinner with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. His arrest came because of help through Operation: LeGend.

“I’m thankful for it. I mean, I’m thankful for it,” Chautill Wallace said. “I’m thankful for the department. I’m thankful for whoever spoke up. I’m thankful for everything. I’m wishing for all the families who haven’t had closure I wish they have the same closure I have right now.”

One victim shared her story through a written statement. On July 28, police say a woman armed with an AK-47 carjacked her on the Country Club Plaza in the parking garage above True Food Kitchen.

“I’m sure if I had tried to make any sudden movements to try and defend or fight off the carjacker, she would have pulled the trigger,” she said in her statement.

Federal prosecutors charged Maricela Lozano with carjacking and using a firearm during a crime. KCPD said with federal help, they’ve been able to solve more crimes with extra eyes on their cases.

“We’ve had an increase in homicides. We’ve had an increase in fatal shootings,” Sgt. Jake Becchina said. “That adds to the plate of every detective working those, so having our federal partners come in has been very helpful.”

Skinner’s case is currently sealed, but he’s charged in Jackson County. KCPD said federal agents are helping them interview witnesses and track down evidence at most crime scenes in the city.

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