Waiting for 2-year-old’s test results, local mom urges everyone to take coronavirus seriously

GARDNER, Kan. — Original Post

While one local mom waits to hear the results of her toddler’s presumptive COVID-19 test, she’s asking everyone to take quarantine precautions seriously.

Two-and-a-half year old Indie is a fun kid.

“She’s super active, and she’s definitely an extrovert,” Katie May, Indie’s mom, said. “She will talk, talk, talk, talk.”

But May said on Saturday her usually outgoing attitude changed before bedtime.

“Went to bed, gave her some Tylenol, and then she was up the whole night complaining of headache, leg pain, and then her fever started spiking,” May said.

Indie’s temperature spiked up to 105.6 degrees, and it caused May to jump into action.

“I immediately started panicking,” May said. “She was very lifeless looking. Very pale. Like a ghost, literally, see though. Her skin looked like a ghost. Her eyes were sunken in and dark.”

They called the doctor, did a Telehealth appointment, and took her into an urgent care facility upon a doctor’s advice. She brought her daughter home, but when her temperature spiked over 105 degrees she called 911.

Paramedics in protective suits took the toddler to Children’s Mercy where doctors looked at her as a probable case of coronavirus.

“They’re telling me basically to consider it as a positive right now just because of the way she got negative on everything, and she’s showing the symptoms of it, and her appearance, her fevers, kind of the way things are going,” May said.

May said as long as Indie has Tylenol or Motrin in her system, the toddler’s fever will stay around 100 degrees. She said she’s been able to get it below 100 briefly. 

“It’s hard to take it seriously when you’re hearing it, hearing it, hearing it, and you’re not actually seeing it,” May said of the virus. 

The local mom said she didn’t take quarantine seriously at first, but now sees how important it is.

“Take it seriously because it is such a very serious thing,” May said. “A 105.6 fever isn’t something to joke around with in a two-year-old, and the symptoms are legit. She’s miserable. She’s miserable.”

May said it’s only been a few days since symptoms started. She’s not sure if this is the beginning or the worst of the virus. They expect Indie’s final results around Wednesday.

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