Blue Springs siblings start weekly newscast to spread happiness during pandemic

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Original Post

FOX4 has a new competitor on the airwaves.

A Blue Springs brother and sister created their newscast for a class project, but it’s quickly become a passion for the pair.

The show starts with the words “Rosie’s News” spinning on the screen. You can hear the professional upbeat music underneath the thought-out graphic.

“Welcome back to Rosie News. Today is April 22nd, 2020,” the little girl says, sitting at a desk in her bedroom, a stuffed unicorn by her side with carefully selected positive symbols and signs hanging on the wall behind her.

Rosie De Los Reyes is Kansas City’s newest and youngest news anchor. She’s also quite a weather girl.

“Friday will be one rainy day, so get your umbrellas ready!” she exclaimed as she opened her umbrella on camera.

The 7-year-old loves science and had to do a weather journal for class. Her 13-year-old brother Sebastian thought — let’s take this project to the next level.

Their first newscast was mostly just a weather report with a lot of dancing, but the next two newscasts showed significant production value: graphics, music, lighting and stories.

In their latest report, you can see Rosie standing outside her house under her umbrella in the rain for her report. She said it’s raining cats and dogs as stuffed animals fly at her with accompanying sound effects.

“We usually end up coming up with the script the day before,” Sebastian said. “But I started ordering stuff. I already ordered a green screen. It’s on the way. So we’re going to have her in a studio.”

The pair said their weekly produced newscasts are helping them get through a hard time. They use the report to discuss the coronavirus and thank first responders.

“Gov. Parson of Missouri has canceled all Missouri schools until August. Noooooo!” Rosie reported from her news desk.

“People like it. I mean, they say keep on going. You rock,” Sebastian said. “We get a lot of nice comments like that. It makes me feel pretty nice. It makes me feel encouraged. Makes me want to keep on going.”

“I just want to spread happiness,” Rosie said.

Sebastian made sure there’s even a Rosie News drone helping the pair get accurate weather reports from the air.

“As you can see it’s a bit chilly, but the skies are clear. Take it away pilot!” Rosie narrated over Sebastian’s drone-work above their Blue Springs neighborhood.

Their mom, Tatiana Buitrago, said she’s impressed not only at their production but is also grateful they’re working together.

“We have people like from all over watching it, and they keep encouraging them: ‘Good job, keep it up. We can’t wait for next week to see what you come up with,’” Buitrago said.

Rosie News airs each Wednesday on Facebook. Sebastian posts their videos onto the Blue Springs Community Awareness Facebook page.

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