Shopping small ahead of the holidays offers unique gifts from metro stores

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Just one more shopping day until Christmas! The clock is ticking, and the sales are on.

Amazon might have one-day shipping, but store owners and shoppers say there’s nothing like a hand-picked gift that supports a local business.

In Kansas City’s Brookside neighborhood, many people took advantage of the warmer weather Monday to hit the boutiques and pick out gifts for the ones they love.

“Started online, and then I went to the big shops, and then I came down to Brookside, which is awesome to do the last-minute stuff,” said Christy Shearer, a Brookside resident.

“Things feel a little more better quality when you can see it and touch it than if you’re getting it on Amazon. You don’t always know what you’re going to get,” Maddie Shearer said.

Lady Bye sells unique clothing, jewelry and gifts. Assistant manager Anna Murrow said buying local isn’t only a gift for your loved one, but a gift for them as well.

“We actually have a saying that says when you spend money at a local shop, an actual person does a happy dance,” Murrow said. “So you know exactly where your money is going. You know who you’re supporting, and you know where it’s coming from.”

Down the road in Crestwood, people at Tea Market were finding the perfect flavor to put under the tree.

“Everything that you see here can be purchased by the ounce,” employee Ruth Jenkins said. “We have teas that come in black, green, white, herbal and oolongs.”

Jenkins said a gift from the heart, no matter how simple, will be one they’ll remember for a lifetime.

“When you receive that on Christmas morning, you know that someone really took out the time to pick out something special for you,” Jenkins said. “Even if it’s a gift certificate. They know you well enough to know that you’re going to want to come in here and buy something special for yourself.”

“It is something that felt like it was a lot more intentional, and that they kind of had to search for it. That I was worth the time to put into that gift,” Murrow said.

A lot of stores are offering deals as well. Both Jenkins and Murrow said shopping small means you can get more personalized help to pick out the right item by getting suggestions based on who you are shopping for.

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