‘Powerful’: Fans enjoy historic viewpoint of Chiefs championship parade at WWI Memorial


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

By Wednesday night, the sea of red outside Union Station had dispersed. Everyone went off to enjoy the rest of their evening around the city.

But earlier, many were at the overlook of Liberty Memorial for a one-of-a-kind view of the Kansas City Chiefs parade celebrating their first Super Bowl win in 50 years.

It was hard to see from behind the crowd, but once you got to the front, it’s quite a sight. Thousands flooded the lawn of the memorial, and a few had a vantage point to be desired.

“This is amazing,” Jaclyn Alcantara from Lee’s Summit said. “We’ve been waiting 50 years for this.”

“It’s pretty special,” David Wolfe said. “It’s pretty special. I came from California.”

“Powerful,” 14-year-old Talan Todd said. “I feel like we have a great community. I mean, everything about us is amazing.”

Some got a picture of their own, but one guy made a point to take a ton for others.

“He’s been here since six, and they just offered to let people rotate through so everybody gets their shot in the picture, so it’s the most Kansas City thing ever,” Alcantra said. “Everybody’s getting their turn. It’s awesome.”

It was worth it for many who’ve been waiting for decades, especially 11-year-old Grayson from Kansas City.

“Fifty years,” Grason said. “Everyone’s been waiting.”

“I think it’s amazing we have a great quarterback, and he’s grown off of Alex Smith, of of his first year and grown off of him and used his knowledge to be the Patrick Mahomes we know now,” Todd said.

From above the memorial, the Chiefs Kingdom made sure everyone knows they are the champions of the world.

While many enjoyed the presentation from the lawn, those FOX4 spoke with on the overlook said it is an experience they will definitely remember for the rest of their lives.

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