Law Enforcement Appreciation Day celebrated across the metro by veterans and rookies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Thursday was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and around the metro it was celebrated in a number of ways.

In the Northland, one veteran and one rookie cop celebrated in different ways, but both with full hearts.

It’s something many may see as small. Sgt. Dan Justus of the North Kansas City Police Department enjoyed a free lunch with his colleagues and officers from across the metro.

“It just makes you feel good that people actually appreciate the job you do,” Justus said. “It’s huge. They don’t even have to do that. They could thank us on the street. They could send us an email or a letter that says thank you for your service, but they go just a little bit further.”

Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City offered a free chicken sandwich to officers who came in for lunch, and Kendra Scott gave each officer a small gift for themselves or a loved one.

Sr. Vice President of Chicken N Pickle Kelly Alldredge said, lately, she’s been focusing on the simple act of saying thank you, and thought this would be a great way to do it.

“We really appreciate all that they give the community,” Alldrege said. “I just hope the community can get behind what we’re doing and join us.”

Katie Morlan with Kendra Scott said their gifts are symbols of saying thank you for doing good and a way to pass the kindness on to others.

“It’s an amazing feeling, and all you an do for them for giving back to us is really show that appreciation and know that they’re valued,” Morlan said.

However, it’s more than just a list of deals for many officers. This Law Enforcement Appreciation Day more than 30 officers are ready to start their careers with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department.

Officer Justin Selig, who’s new to law enforcement, said he’s ready for the challenge.

“I think it’s really cool that we’re graduating on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day,” Selig said. “It’s just one of those things you really have to give back to those that went before me that have been doing this career for so long, and really giving their lives to their communities, and I think it’s cool that people can do that.”

Selig is getting top honors in his graduating class, but he said it’s just the beginning for him. He said he took the job because he wants to make a difference.

“It feels great. I’m so ready to get out in the field,” Selig said. “I know this is just one phase of my training, and we have a lot more the we need to learn. So, I’m ready to get out start learning how to actually be a police officer and make that difference that I’m ready to make.”

Selig will start his shifts working in Kansas City’s east side.

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