KCPD urges parents to take precautions with kids before Chiefs parade, rally: Here are some tips

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Everyone’s excited about Wednesday’s parade. There will be a lot to look at and a lot going on downtown.

But local officials have some advice if you plan to take your kids with you to the event.

“Please, parents, prepare for keeping track of your children. We lost 100 children temporarily during the Royals celebration,” Maj. Chip Huth with the Kansas City Police Department said.

Linda Hanson owns R.E.A.C.T. Self Defense and has been training people on how to be safe for more than 40 years. She said there are a few easy ways to think ahead.

Take a picture of your child at the beginning of the day. That way you know exactly what they were wearing and look like in case you need to show officials or police.

She also suggests pointing police, or any officials, out to your children in case they need one if you get separated.

Hanson said another way to be smart is to take a picture of yourself and your contact information and put it in a plastic pouch your kids can keep with them.

“Have them put it in their pocket or even around their neck would be a really safe thing to do so that if they do get lost, they don’t have to describe you,” Hanson said.

“They don’t have to remember the number because in that frightening moment when they’re separated, sometimes it’s not easy to recall those numbers. They’ll have it with them much easier to find you.”

Hanson said a whistle is an easy way to get your child’s attention and are easy to get ahold of. You can get one at any party store or most box stores. She said everyone wants to wear red, but if you can have part of your outfit be another color it will hep distinguish you from others in the crowd.

“The most important thing for tomorrow is to celebrate,” Hanson said. “This is such an incredible event. We’re so excited for the Chiefs. It’s an amazing opportunity, but just take these small safety tips into consideration so that you can stay safe and have a great celebration. Go Chiefs!”

If you do get separated from your children, KCPD said there are several designated meeting places along the route:

  • Grand Avenue Temple – 205 E. 9th St.
  • Police Headquarters – 1125 Locust
  • Church of the Resurrection Downtown – 1601 Grand
  • Tent – 18th and Grand
  • Tent – 20th and Grand
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City – 2301 Main St.

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