KC couple’s dreams come true when Chiefs win the Super Bowl during their wedding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

It’s a dream come true for a couple of Kansas City Chiefs fans after their team won the Super Bowl during their wedding.

For Nikki and Rob Walkowiak, it was 50 and 4 years in the making. The couple are lifelong Chiefs fans and have been together for four years.

“We’re huge fans, and we thought, ‘Yeah, if the Chiefs happen to be in it, we get the best of both worlds,’” Nikki said.

“We get our wedding. We get all of our friends and family here. Big Super Bowl party. So we went ahead and started planning.”

The Walkowiaks and the Chiefs had the best day of their lives. Their friends and family were all invited to a Super Bowl party with even more to celebrate.

“When they realized that we were going to be having a ceremony and then opening it up to a big Super Bowl party afterwards, they were in,” Rob said. “There were no complaints.”

“We’re going to tell the grandkids about this for years to come, and it’s the most incredible feeling,” Nikki said. “I think we’re more nervous about the game than we are getting married. We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

The night was filled with tomahawk chops, toasts and touchdowns. It only needed one more thing — Super Bowl history.

“We are so proud of them like everyone else in this town, and thank you for winning the AFC Championship for us, and making our dreams come true today,” Nikki said.

The couple said the next stop after their wedding was to Rally House to get their Super Bowl Championship gear.

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