Blue Springs couple rushes to delivery room after AFC Championship to deliver baby boy

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Original Post

One Blue Springs family is celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ AFC Championship win and the birth of their newest child, too.

The family waited to see the end of the game before rushing to the hospital to deliver their baby boy. They barely made it, but they said they had to see history.

Baby Hendrix doesn’t know much yet. He doesn’t know he’s a Chiefs fan, but when he’s old enough his parents, Trevor and Stephanie Warren, will have quite a story to tell.

“He could not wait until after the game to come,” Stephanie said. “He was very eager to get here.”

It was AFC Championship Sunday, and the Warren clan was ready to see a win.

“Very crazy season up and down,” Trevor said. “Probably one of the craziest seasons I’ve ever seen.”

However, a very pregnant Stephanie was having very real contractions.

“Just kinda sitting there watching the game, but also watching Stephanie to make sure she’s OK, just in case we had to go,” Trevor said.

The team clinched the title and then Stephanie clenched Trevor.

“As soon as they came out and gave [the trophey] to Hunt and Andy, and they gave it to Patrick Mahomes, I was like, ‘OK, we can’t wait anymore,’” Stephanie said. “‘We gotta go. We can see it on Facebook. We gotta go.’”

“I almost forgot about her having the contractions until she had to come up and, like, pry me away from the TV” Trevor said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, oh yeah! That!’”

They barely made it. Eleven minutes after arriving, baby Hendrix made his debut, and he almost had a different name.

“We had a few discussions about naming him Patrick Kelce, but it’s one of those things,” Stephanie said. “We’ve had this name picked out for a while.”

“I tried. I tried my best, but you know, the women get the final say,” Trevor said.

However, dad does get to pick his nickname, “Chief.” Born a Chief, always a Chief.

The Warrens said they’re excited to watch the Chiefs take on the 49ers in the Super Bowl with Chief, the team’s newest and biggest fan who doesn’t even know it yet.

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