Grain Valley family stepping up security after string of attempted break-ins

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — Original Post

A family is fed up after they said people keep trying to break into their house.

The Aldridge house looks inviting from the outside, but the family says over the past month it’s been too inviting for some uninvited visitors.

“It’s really scary,” Debbie Aldridge said. “You go out there thinking you might see somebody, but when you really do, it’s scary.”

Since last month, she said it’s happened four times. One or two people get into their fenced yard, pry at their screen and try to get through their sliding glass door.

“They came up on our deck, and they tried to open our patio door. It doesn’t lock, but it has a bar in it,” Aldridge said. “They, my grandson heard it, and they came and got us, and they actually opened the door.”

“When I work in the ER, am I going to hear about my parents getting sent to the hospital because of something like this?” Aldridge’s daughter, Mackenzie Ungerer, said.

The family has since installed lights, motion sensors and a driveway alarm.

The Aldridges are raising five of their grandchildren from another child. They say the first time it happened, their 10-year-old grandson ran after one of them. They said he was hit in the face, causing his nose to bleed.

“I’m glad I got there when I did, and I told him this is why you really can’t chase them. I said let’s let the police try it and see what they can find,” Aldridge said.

“I was beyond mad,” Ungerer said. “There is no reason to be breaking into somebody’s house and then assaulting the person that lives in the house because you were caught in the act of doing something bad.”

Grain Valley Police say they have been in touch with the Aldridge family, but have not identified the attempted burglar. They want to remind neighbors to be vigilant, and keep a light on.

“I don’t want to throw someone in jail, but we will call the police from now on. Just stop!”

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