KCK man gets outpouring of support from community after botched tree removal

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Original Post

Volunteers are stepping up to help a single father of four in KCK.

He hired a man to cut down a tree, but the tree fell on his house. Now thanks to viewers it could soon be a problem solved!

Outside, you could see a man hammering wood where none previously stood. Inside, volunteers were in each bedroom of the house repairing the walls and patching holes.

AJ Reese is happy to see his home is a construction zone after FOX4 viewers saw his story.

“I just started receiving calls after they saw it for the second or third time,” Reese said. “They saw the story, and I just started receiving calls. Over 25 calls of people that want to come and help and give them their all.”

Reese has until July 25 to make the home safe for his four sons, or the city will force him to leave because the building was deemed unfit after the incident.

“Getting in and helping someone when they’re down and out and need it, you know that’s just the thing to do,” retired construction worker Jack Reed said.

“Come help,” Roberto Chavez, owner of Chavez Renovation, said. “It’s just donating time that you’ve got plenty of.”

Nearly half a dozen professional contractors, with more on the way, came out to put their hammers to the wall free of charge.

“Last night I was thinking — this is it!” Reese said. “We might have our house back! Me and my kids, we have a lot of hope. I’m happy. I’m real happy today.”

“It’s a good feeling to help this guy, and know that once he gets back in here his life will get back on track, and he can carry on,” Reed said. “There’s enough obstacles in life as it is.”

Both Chavez and Reed are fathers of sons and said they’re glad to help. They hope others will show up to get the job done.

“There’s no money in it,” Chavez said. “There’s just a good feeling of trying to help somebody else out because you could be on that path one of these days in his position. Whether it’s a tree falling on your house, it burning down, or you’re just losing period.”

“The work is not done, but I guarantee if more people come out, the work will be done,” Reese said. “I’m just so happy. I’m so blessed. There’s nothing else to say.”

Reese said they still need more volunteers to get the home completed, and any food donations for the volunteers while they work would be much appreciated.

If you are able, you can reach Reese at 913-602-7851 or aj.mobgame@gmail.com. If you don’t have experience, but would still like to help, you can donate to his Gofundme page here.

His four boys lost most of their belongings in the incident, as the tree landed on their bedrooms. Reese said they’re in need of school supplies for the next year, school uniforms he plans to purchase from Walmart, bunk beds and furniture.

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