Independence mother, 10-year-old victim speak out about indecent exposure incident

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Original Post

An Independence 10-year-old did the right thing when a man drove up and touched himself in front of her. She ran. The incident happened on June 13. The next day police put out a photo of a two door black sedan from surveillance video of the incident. They found it in a matter of hours, but so far, no word on the driver.

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt spoke exclusively to the young victim and her mother. The Independence mom says it only took a moment for this man to victimize her daughter.

“I was scared, and didn’t know what to do,” said the girl.

The 10-year-old was bringing her neighbors dogs to their house after finding them wandering around the neighborhood. She never imagined she would face a sexual predator.

“He focused in on her. He saw her, and purposefully did this,” said the girl’s mother, Melissa Wilson.

It plays out on video. She walks up the street with the dogs when a black two door sedan pulls up next to her and stops.

“She said that this guy was naked in the car,” Wilson said.

Her mother says he fondled himself and made inappropriate comments to her daughter.

“I was in shock,” the young girl said.

“Complete shock because it’s my daughter,” Wilson said. “She’s only 10. I never thought she should have to go through something like that. Nobody should. That’s kind of like taking their innocence away.”

The girl dropped the dogs leashes and ran inside to a neighbor’s house who called police immediately. Wilson says luckily they were able to get it all on video, and when she saw the tape it was difficult for her to watch.

“That took my breath away,” Wilson said. “That made me cry just seeing that. It was heartbreaking.”

Her neighbors are furious, and say crime is on the rise in the area. What Wilson’s daughter went through inspired one of her neighbors to get a camera of his own.

“I’ve had enough,” said her neighbor Dave Brooks. “The more cameras we have in our neighborhood the less problems we’ll have, because they’ll learn that you can`t do anything in our neighborhood and get away with it, because we’ve got you on camera.”

Thanks to neighborhood cameras police were able to take stills of the car that Wilson hopes will lead to the man she calls a predator.

“You are an evil person,” Wilson said. “You’ve taken a little girl’s innocence away, and it’s not okay. I hope you are caught and justice is served some way.”

“You’re a very bad guy, and you deserve to go to jail. Go to jail for a lifetime,” the girl said.

FOX4 reached out to Independence Police on June 17 for an update on the case, and see if an arrest was made, but did not hear back.

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