Mother’s Day a sobering milestone for Desiera Ferris’ mom

LIBERTY, Mo. — Original Post

For one Liberty mom, Mother’s Day is a sad reminder her daughter is still missing.

Desirea Ferris left home in May of last year and never returned.

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt talked to her about the pain she feels each day, and why she will never give up on Desi.

“Three hundred and seventy seven days,” said Patti Tam, Desirea’s mom. She counts the squares on the calendar each day hoping one day she doesn’t have to count anymore.

“No parent should ever have to go through pain like this. That`s the worst thing is the not knowing. Not knowing is just – it`s almost unbearable,” Tam said.

Her room is just as she left it 377 days ago. Her makeup on the floor, clothes in the closet, and Bruno Mars poster on the wall.

“I feel closer to her, just because everything in here is hers,” Tam said. “This is her home, and I’m not going to move nothing, I’m not going to change nothing, it’s all going to stay like this until the day she comes home.”

18-year-old Desirea Ferris left home just over a year ago, and since then Tam, friends, and family have done exhaustive searches and vigils. On Mother’s Day the pain cuts deep.

“She didn’t deserve this. She deserves to be home with her family. She’s got so many people that love her and miss her,” Tam said.

She says, someone knows what happened to Desirea.

“It just takes one phone call. One person to make one phone call that could end this nightmare, but none of them will,” Tam said.

But as hopeless as it seems, Patti says she still has faith.

“We’re not going to stop. We’re not going away until my daughter comes through that door one way or another. We are not stopping,” Tam said.

Tam says when they find Desi she wants to help mothers going through the same pain.

“After we bring Desirea home, we’re going to help other families in this situation. We won’t stop,” Tam said.

She can’t stop, because she knows that she’s not the only mother counting the days.

If you have any information on what happened to Desirea call the tips hotline at  816-474- TIPS. You can remain anonymous and help her family bring Desi home.

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