Mom says 6-year-old daughter bitten by dog at Blue Springs dog park

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Original Post

Six-year-old Cora Richter says she just wanted to befriend a dog that her mother, Rosalind, says attacked her at the Blue Springs Dog Park on Saturday evening. The girl is recovering at home after being treated for her injuries at two metro hospitals.

Richter said she isn’t mad at the dog’s owner, but wishes they could have come forward. If they had, Richter says, it could have saved her from painful medical treatments.

All Cora wanted for her birthday last year was a best friend, and her mom finally made her wish come true with her puppy, Bella.

“She’s always wanted one, and I finally did,” Richter said.

On Saturday, she says Cora’s dad picked her up from her house, and they went to the dog park with her pup when Cora wandered off into a wooded area.

“I noticed this dog and nobody was petting him and I was trying to help him have a friend and then he bit me,” 6-year-old Cora said.

“I got call saying Ros, you need to head up to the hospital,” Richter said. “There`s been an accident with Cora. She’s been biten by a dog.”

She needed stitches on her face, and lost her two front baby teeth. They didn’t know the dog who bit her, or if it was up to date on shots, so Richter turned to Facebook hoping to find the owner. Ultimately when they weren’t able to find them, Cora’s parents went forward with Rabies shots.

“Once they sedated her they had to give her a series of shots inside the wounds, and obviously, that’s painful,” Richter said.

Cora’s mom said eyes should have been on her daughter, but someone should have been watching their dog as well.

“The sad thing is is when you are in a public place as a responsible owner of a dog, and a parent of a child, everyone should be watching each other,” Richter said.

Cora doesn’t blame the dog who bit her, and hopes it can learn to be tame. She’s not scared of dogs even after the attack.

“[I hope] he finds more friends and he doesn’t bite anymore,” Cora said.

“She was just concerned,” Richter said. “She was like, well what are you going to do to the dog? She was worried about herself. She said, Mommy, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have walked away.”

Cora will be recovering at home for at least a few days while she heals, and the swelling goes down, and she hopes her scars will fade.

“I just want to not feel sick, and I want to make all this stuff go away off my face,” Cora said.

Richter says Cora is worried that other children will make fun of her, or be scared of her injuries. She hopes parents who go to school with Cora will talk to their kids about what happened, and they will be kind.

“The sad thing is she’s worried about people bullying her, and my little girl is the kindest,” Richter said.

“I want to go back to school so I can see all my friends,” Cora said.

Richter says while what happened to Cora was horrible, it could have been a lot worse, and after everything they’ve been through there is something to be grateful for.

“Just having her home, and in my arms, that`s the most important thing,” Richter said.

The City of Blue Springs is also trying to locate the dog and it’s owner. They did not release a description, but based on Cora’s memory and tips her mother received through Facebook they believe it was a possibly a bird dog, medium in size, with white fur and brown spots and long hair. If you have any information on the attack please contact the Blue Springs Police Department.


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