KC woman believes dog stolen along with mementos in burglary during power outage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

A South Kansas City woman says while her power was out earlier in the week her home was burglarized. But even worse, she fears one of her dogs was stolen.

Now, she’s asking if someone took her dog, please give her back.

“Somebody took her,” Jeanne Beachwood said. “Somebody took my Roxie dog.”

Beachwood said on Monday night she left Roxie and her other two dogs at her home on E. 98th Terrace near Grandview Road. Her power was out at the time due to the storm over the weekend.

“Tuesday at noon when I arrived — door kicked in, gate open, dog clothes missing, house and yard are completely trashed,” Beachwood said.

She found two of her dogs still in the home, but Roxie was nowhere to be found.

“They took the dog, and they took the bag of dog clothes,” Beachwood said.


She filed a police report for a long list of items she said were taken, but she said Roxie was the most important.

“So I don’t care about my material things,” Beachwood said. “My deceased father’s wedding ring — stolen. My grandmother’s pearls — stolen. My high school ring — stolen. I don’t care about those things. I just want my baby back.”

Beachwood said Roxie is a 12-year-old white Beagle who weighs about 30 pounds. She’s a friendly dog who’s deaf but does bark.

She said there’s a chance that Roxie got out, but she doesn’t think that’s the case. She could not find any dog tracks leaving her house in the fresh snow.

“I mean, I guess there’s a chance of that, and I guess that’s why I am taking my poster around in baggies, and I’m going around to all my neighbors, and posted on social media just praying and hoping,” Beachwood said.

Her biggest hope of all is that she will get to see her Roxie dog again.

“No questions asked,” Beachwood said. “You can keep all my stuff you took. Keep every single thing you took. Take it to the pawn shop. Make as much money. Whatever money you need. Keep it. Please take my dog back to Wayside Waifs, and I’ll pay whatever fee. Her name is Roxie. Just please bring my dog back. Please. No questions asked.”

If you happen to know where Roxie is or find her, Beachwood asks you get in touch with Wayside Waifs at 3901 Martha Truman Road in Kansas City, or you can call them at 816-761-8151. Roxie is also micro-chipped so they will be able to tell if it’s her.

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