Grandview woman has a forest in her home of more than 400 Christmas trees

GRANDVIEW, Mo — Original Post

Most families who celebrate Christmas have a tree in their house, maybe two. But one Grandview woman has almost everyone beat. She has more than 400!

Shelly Botcher loves the spirit of Christmas, especially the trees.

“The great room has like 72 in it, and I ran out of trees because I have a lot more places to put trees,” she said.

Botcher has so many that she doesn’t have an exact count.

“This year, there’s over 400 trees up, and that’s counting statues,” she said.

Shelly Botcher

See all of her Christmas spirit in the video above.

“I have burgundy, cream and white. I have my fruit motif, my reds and bronze, purple, black and silver, safari, pink, teal, seashells,” Botcher said. “So it`s sort of fun to see the new things that come out each year and add it to my collection.”

Some trees are even upside down. Why? To leave room for even more on the ground.

“I never get rid of. I just add,” she said.

Some have more meaning than others. One tree has 29 bulbs on it for each radiation treatment she had.

“It’s just another reminder for me to be so thankful every day that I’m here, and it represents a lot to me, a lot of meaning to me,” Botcher said.

She said her family doesn’t feel the same about the trees, but they don’t stop her Christmas spirit.

“This is my husband`s room, and he hates this. But as long as he sees the TV, he’s OK,” she said of a room covered in trees.

“To me, it can be just a stress reliever with the busy time of year,” she said of her trees. “Just looking at it — relaxation and (it) takes you away from your everyday life for just a minute to two.”

Botcher said although her house might look full, “There’s always room for one more.”

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