‘Smoke Tires not Homies’ sideshow in KCMO ends with injuries, arrests

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

It was unlike anything employees at the Tin-Man Building Supply Company had seen before.

On security video they watched their parking lot turn into a sideshow leading to four arrests, and two people seriously injured. Ironically, the event was designed to promote non-violence.

FOX4 obtained exclusive video of how the event went terribly wrong.

It was a party they didn’t plan, that went out of control. The sideshow set up in the parking lot of Tin-Man Building Supply where Kansas City meets Raytown.

“Around 2:30 it looks like they started to set up,” manager, David Andrews said. “By the time five o’clock rolls around it’s full blown.”

Andrews says police came in a few days before the event to ask if they knew about it. He said they had no clue, but told police to shut it down.

“Found out that apparently it wasn’t being shut down, or at least in the prompt manner that the police would have liked for it to have been,” Andrews said.

Around 300 people filled their lot on Sunday evening for an event allegedly called “Smoke Tires not Homies.” The whole thing was caught on Tin-Man’s security cameras.

“They’re hanging out of their vehicles half the time,” Andrews said reviewing the video. “Most of the time you’d have a guy – you can see him – just hanging out of his vehicle and throwing his arms up.”

Andrews says for about an hour the event went on until some of their siding went flying into a packed crowd when a car doing donuts struck it.

“The mustang loses control, and strikes a piece of four inch by four inch red iron that was stashed out in the yard,” Andrews said.

Police say two people were severely injured by the metal, and that’s when the event went into park. Four people were arrested, and cited for being at a drag race or illegal motor vehicle speed competition.

A representative with Trifar Land Company, who owns the property, released a statement:

“We were not aware of any event being held on our property the afternoon of Sunday, September 23, 2018. We gave no permission to the organizers of the event to use the property. We have reviewed security camera footage from our tenant Tin-Man Metal building supply and were shocked at the disregard for the safety of those in attendance as well as the property itself. The property suffered thousands of dollars in damages. It is very fortunate that there were only two injured when it could have been many more. The rubber marks are only a few feet from our buildings on the property which could have resulted in more damages and injuries. We support any cause that brings the issue of the gun violence in Kansas City to the forefront, however promoting value of life and community should be done with dignity and integrity.”

“When your solution to that problem ends up being it’s own, you’ve kind of got to rethink your approach and really find a better way to try and re channel that energy in the community,” Andrews said.

Police wouldn’t comment on the status of the people injured, just to say they were severely injured and are expected to be alright.

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