Blue Springs boy raises thousands in hours for police department with lemonade

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Original Post

An 8-year-old Blue Springs boy was counting cold hard cash after raising $3,300 for his local police department in a sweet way – through lemonade. Brecken Simmons, with help from people across the metro – and even the nation – raised much more than he originally thought he would. It was a simple business plan with not much preparation needed. The stand set up shop on July 28, and ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“It just makes my heart really happy and stuff,” Brecken Simmons said.

He raised money through donations only. People were able to pay what they could or wanted. The glass of ice cold lemonade came with a cookie or two, and even Royals baseball cards if you wanted them.

“The officers help everybody, so he wants to help them,” said Brecken’s mom, Patti Simmons “So, he did say, if we help people maybe other people will see his story and they’ll help too.”

The turnout was almost too much for his block to handle. Officers directed traffic and parking, while the line of people wanting to donate went down the block.

“It’s just amazing how a community can come together and rally around a cause, and especially that one kid can make such a big difference,” said Rachelle Vasko, a second grade teacher who drove out from Oak Grove.

“I feel like it’s excellent. It’s a good job, and it’s helpful,” said Breken’s friend, 8-year-old Sage Rovensteine.

The more lemonade he gave away, the more money filled his tin, and had to be emptied several times that day. It was much more than the $15 he was hoping to raise, and he had to change his goal.

“I’m changing that $15. I’m really changing that,” Brecken said.

“I think he`s done way over $15 dollars. I think he`s doing pretty good,” Patti said.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of people slipping $20s in there, so I think he`s doing a good job,” said Officer Reed Kotake with The Blue Springs Police Department.

He even offered curbside service to those who didn’t want to or couldn’t get out of their cars.

After Brecken’s story aired that morning on Fox & Friends on the Fox News Network, money came in as far as West Virginia. A Blue Springs officer said a woman named Peggy sent Brecken $20 through Western Union to go towards his fund.

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe how many people have shown up and come out to support him.
4:41 I just knew my grandmas were coming,” Patti said.

“He`s reaching out to the community, and he’s showing a good face for himself, and for us, which is wonderful. I think he’s got great potential to be a good leader,” Officer Kotake said.

No matter how much Brecken was able to give back to police, he says they give the community much more.

“They do so much to help us stay safe. they’ll stop what they’re doing and come out to help people if they’re in serious trouble,” Brecken said.

The Blue Springs Police Department says one day they would be happy to have Brecken on the force.

“Absolutely. We need more people that can talk like him,” Officer Kotake said.

Brecken’s dad, Scott Simmons, says some donations were still coming in at the end of the day, and the family was ready to celebrate the stand’s success by taking a well deserved nap.

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