Urban neighborhood tour gives people a look east of Troost

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Some people in the metro may have a different view of the city’s east side.

An urban development tour took residents around to show them what they’ve been working on, and what the future holds.

Busses lined up at Kansas City Neighborhood Academy for a different type of trip.

Kansas City’s Urban Neighborhood Initiative wants to give residents a first hand look east of Troost.

“I think it’s very important, because people tend to have a negative perception. The only thing they hear about these areas often is the negative. There’s crime. There are vacancies, and they need to understand that is only a part, and not the majority part of these neighborhoods,” said Executive Director Dianne Cleaver.

The group visited business like Ruby Jean’s Juicery, developments of energy efficient homes, and community organizations like KCPD’s new east patrol location, to hopefully inspire them to stay.

“I think people just want to reach out across divides whatever they might be. Socioeconomic divides, racial ethnic divides. I think people are interested in doing that, and appreciate a venue that gives them an opportunity for it,” Cleaver said.

The tour ending at The Blue Room at 18th & Vine for a little jazz and conversation.

“I thought it was fantastic, because I’m originally from Philadelphia. It was really cool getting to know what`s going on with Troost, and getting to see the neighborhood more,” said Kansas City resident Lisa Thresher.

“All of the collective resources being put into some of the developments along Troost. Just had no clue there were so many organizations. So many people organizing together to make things happen to improve the area,” said Kansas City resident Alex Chang.

So next time you cross the avenue, stop and take note at the changes and developments since your last visit.

“There’s a lot going on in Kansas City. Get out there and learn more about it, and see what’s in your backyard,” Thresher said.

This is the second year of the event. Tickets were available for $15 dollars for attendees. Busses were provided by KC Area Transit Authority.

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