Family grateful to be alive after possible road rage shooting in Lee’s Summit

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Original Post

A family of four says they are lucky to be alive after a possible road rage shooting on May 19 in Lee’s Summit. The couple says it was a scary situation on a day that was supposed to be one of the happiest.

Ethan and Sarah Davis had their baby shower that night celebrating their baby boy Maverick set to arrive on Father’s Day. They never imagined on their way home they would be dodging bullets.

“I’m just glad we`re all okay,” said Ethan Davis.

They took Interstate 470 home that night, but hit road work on Douglas near the Colbern exit. Ethan said the driver of a black Toyota Camry cut him off.

“The car literally pushed me off the road, so I honked my horn telling him – ‘hey, I’m right here.’ He started acting crazy a little bit in front of me,” Ethan said.

“I was like, ‘okay, something`s not right,’” Sarah Davis said.

“All of the sudden we heard ‘pop, pop, pop,’” Ethan Davis said.

It was the sound of gunshots going through the passenger side, back, and front windows. Their three-year-old was buckled in the backseat.

“I was really relieved that she was okay, but some of the bullets ended up in the roof over her head. It could have hit her if it was aimed any lower,” Sarah Davis said.

“This is really stupid, I mean, seriously. There`s a couple innocent people in the car, a little girl, and an unborn child that they could have killed,” Ethan Davis said.

The couple said they pulled over and called police, but the two men in the car got away. Lee’s Summit Police said they are investigating it as a possible road rage incident.

I was really nervous about him coming back while we were on the side of the road,” Sarah Davis said.

“My wife and my child mean everything to me, and if it were not for them I don`t think I would be able to handle it, I think,” Ethan Davis said.

Ethan hopes other drivers who were on the road that night can help them find who did this.

“If anybody was around and saw what happened, please tell the cops. If you got the license plate, please. Anything will help,” Ethan said.

Sarah said she worried the stress would make her go into labor prematurely. A scary thought on a night meant to celebrate the beginning of a life, she worried it could have been her last.

“I think I will always remember what happened last night,” Sarah Davis said.

“People who use guns like that to scare people, they’re cowards,” Ethan Davis said. “It’s not worth it. Guns are not the answer.”

Ethan said if you know anything about the incident, please get it touch with Lee’s Summit police. He wants to get this person off the street because he is afraid he could do it to someone else.

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