KCK couple gives back in lieu of expensive wedding

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Original Post

A KCK couple got married in secret, and instead of a huge venue or long guest list, they’re donating money to charity and are hoping you will do the same.

Margaret Solano was so excited for her wedding day to arrive.

“I’m getting married to my best friend, Hillario Caballero,” she said.

However, no one was aware of their nuptials, not even their children.

“We’re doing it a little different. We’re doing it in secret. Our children don`t know, our family, our friends,” Solano said.

“I’m not a big fan of big weddings. I`m not,” Caballero said. “That was my idea to be something small.”

Instead Caballero and Solano decided to give back.

“We see so much money spent on weddings, and we agree it should be special,” Solano said. “We’ve done some things. It’s going to be special for us today, but we didn’t spend a ton of money.”

Solano got her hair done, bought a dress and a few other things, but the rest the couple gave to charity to share the love.

However, when she tried to pay for her hair, the stylist told her to just share the love instead of billing her.

Chateau Avalon in KCK helped the couple celebrate in luxury, and Custom Limousinedrove them around town in style.

They donated $360 to Band of Angels to send a child to band camp; $200 to Vaughn Trent, a food pantry in Bonner Springs; and $200 to Margaret’s son’s class to benefit foster children.

“We did it right. To me it’s a sign,” Solano said.

When it was time to say their vows, their limo driver and FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt were the only witnesses.

After Caballero kissed the bride, they spread the love even more by giving candy to clerks at the courthouse and patrons of Tapatio Restaurant where they had their first date.

Then they cut their cake at Bloom Baking Co. in the River Market and shared it with anyone passing by as their guests of honor.

“Make it special. Make it memorable, but don`t spend so much money that when it`s over you have any regrets,” Solano said.

“If everybody gives, a lot of people get something,” Caballero said.

“Share the love. Share the money,” Solano said.

Caballero and Solano want you to keep it going and share the love with someone.

The couple gave FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt $20 for being a witness in their wedding, and she paid it forward by donating $40 in their names to Jackson County CASA, court appointed special advocates to help abused and neglected kids navigate the courts and adoption processes.

If you are looking for a way to give back, they are always in need of volunteers.

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