April Fools Day snow is no joke for metro tow truck drivers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

A slick day on the roads leads to crashes across the metro, and a busy day at work for tow truck drivers.

Driving down the roads you may have seen cars in ditches, or stalled in the middle of the freeway. Multi-car crashes, and rollovers.

“It’s my day off, so I wasn’t really expecting it, but in this profession you’ve got to be ready for it,” said Corey Allen, a tow truck driver for All City Tow in Independence.

For Allen, snow on April Fools Day is no joke.

“It’s just probably going to continue to get worse, and worse throughout the night,” Allen said.

Allen’s been working with All City Tow for some years now, but he sees the same things time and time again.

“Majority of them are the people that are just driving too fast,” Allen said.

Allen says the ice doesn’t discriminate: 4-wheel-drive, small sedans, no one car can escape a slide-off. Including one woman in Kansas City, Missouri.

Her car hit some slush on the side of the road, and slid off into a ditch.

“She said she was coming down the road, she said she wasn’t speeding, but got some of this slush on the side of the road, and down the hill she went. Right into that rock,” Allen said.

While Allen says it didn’t look good he knows it could have been worse.

“If she would have hit those rocks down there, I mean they would have done a significant amount of damage to her car, other than what it`s already done,” Allen said.

So, if you have to go out, Allen says be careful for black ice.

“You’re not expecting to see it. You don’t see it, and once you notice you’ve got it, it’s probably a little too late,” Allen said.

He’s ready for warmer weather, but knows another round of snow could be here next weekend.

“It’s Missouri. I’ll believe it when I see it,” Allen said.

He says the big thing to remember is to watch out for that black ice. So, if you don’t have to go out, you might as well stay home.

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