Business is booming in Grandview as more companies move to city

GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Original Post

For businesses, it seems to be a good time to go to Grandview. Three big companies are in the process of setting up shop.

Great location, great traffic — That’s what Kim Curtis says Grandview is all about.

“People are wanting to get into Grandview, definitely,” Curtis said.

Curtis is the president of Grandview’s Chamber of Commerce and said the town of 25,000 continues to grow.

“We’ve got a community that’s really easy to work with in terms of bringing businesses here,” she said. “We were noticed as one of the top five cities in the metro as being the easiest process to go through when you`re permitting or bringing a business here.”

Just inside the city limits, Kelly Construction is building its new facility from the ground up.

Winco Fireworks is moving in to share production with existing business Church & Dwight.

Curtis said Construction Brokers is also headed south of the metro to the Jackson County city.

All together, it’s about 100 jobs.

“Its exciting. We’re all about business, and when we have new folks coming in to join the businesses that have been here for years and years, it just brings everybody up,” Curtis said.

Mike Christ, owner of Stonebridge Collective, decided to start his business in Grandview about six months ago.

“We opened our doors in September,” Crist said. “We’ve owned the building for a little over two years and really renovated the space and made it our own and have been open for about six months.”

Stonebridge Collective started as a landscaping business and expanded to indoor and outdoor lifestyle products.

Crist said the location brings in business.

“It’s very accessible for the entire city,” he said. “We’ve got access to Johnson County, to the Northland, right through the city, all over. It`s just a great location for us.”

“We’ve got nearly 80,000 cars that go through Grandview every day on I-49, so it`s a good location,” Curtis said.

Crist said new businesses coming to town means more car traffic and more customers in the door.

“It’s very encouraging,” he said. “It makes you feel like you’re not alone because other people see the potential. Hopefully more traffic to them means more traffic to us.”

Curtis said she’s not sure how much tax revenue the companies will bring in just yet for the city.

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