Basketball brings big bucks to bar owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Kansas State’s March 18 game is icing on the cake for bar owners on what some would say is their biggest weekend of the year.

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt spent the day at Tower Tavern, not for drinks, but to see how this weekend beats all the rest.

With March Madness in full effect, Tower Tavern’s owner, Grant Naugle, he’s seen green for more than just St. Patrick’s Day.

“The tournament’s huge for us,” Naugle said.

Naugle says this is his biggest weekend each year.

“I think Kansas City is just kind of a crazy basketball town, and being so close to three major colleges there’s tons of alum from all three schools. People just love the basketball,” Naugle said.

From Kansas University, to Kansas State, and even Mizzou there’s a lot to cheer for.

“It usually typically gets pretty busy. There’s a lot of people. There`s a really fun vibe in here. Everyone`s cheering for their teams, which is always really nice,” said bartender Ariel Douglas.

Douglas says the more wins they get the more her tips go up.

“Just ’cause everyone’s happy, and in a good mood, and obviously the more people that come in, the more tips you’re going to make,” Douglas said.

Naugle says their register usually doubles during big games, but throw St. Pats in the mix and its a whole other level.

“Well, that was about triple,” Naugle said.

Patrons say a big win can mean a few more rounds.

“We may be going to Atlanta on Thursday if we win, but it’s pretty pricey, and it’s awesome,” said Patrick Atchity of Kansas City, Missouri.

“If we win we definitely have more fun, which equals spending more money,” said Phillip Burkett of Roeland Park.

“I typically go to the bar and close out and I’m very disheartened. It’s way too much money, but I enjoyed every minute of it,” said Josh Parker of Kansas City, Missouri.

Bucks aside, it’s about good friends and tradition.​

“People that come here kinda know each other, and if you don`t, it`s the kind of vibe where you do get to know everyone. So, it’s just a really friendly hospitable place,” Douglas said.

“As the stakes get higher it brings in more people. I would assume this Friday with KU playing Friday night we’ll be absolutely bananas,” Naugle said.

Naugle says what may surprise you is when tournaments are at Sprint Center they still see a good amount of business, but more fans head over to Power & Light for an easy walk to a local pub.

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