Win or lose, Sporting KC fans excited that soccer season is back

KANSAS CITY, Ks. — Original Post

Sporting KC fans were ready for the start of the season, and its too bad that excitement couldn’t translate into a win on the pitch.

But before the game fans filed into Children’s Mercy Park with plenty of passion.

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt was there with the tailgaters, and they knew exactly what they came for.

“I’m hoping for a win like everyone else,” said Paul Alvarado from Overland Park.

“I’m excited to make a run for The MLS Cup,” said Gabe Nolan from KCMO.

“It’s our first one. I’m excited for hopefully a KC win!” said Darren Meeker from KCMO.

Some were just plain excited.

“Really excited,” said a group of pint sized fans.

In Sporting KC’s match against New York FC many were concerned about their strong defense.

“They’ve got a good defense, but we have a good defense as well, but I’m anxious to see our front line, and see if we can penetrate, and score, and come out with a win,” Alvarado said.

“We have a phenomenal defense. We’ve always had a phenomenal defense, but I think with the new players that we have on there – if we can get some new blood on the pitch. We have some taller players than we’ve had in the past – I think that`s going to help us a lot,” said Philip Lowry from KCK.

“Doesn’t matter. We can take ’em. We`re in KC. You can’t loose here!” said Meeker.

Fans hoped they could pull it out with the help of some new players.

“I’m really excited just to see the the new talent pool that we have. We`re getting a fresh group of guys coming in on the pitch, and its just going to be nice to see how it comes together,” said Nolan.

Win or lose, Sporting KC fans come for the action.

“I’ve been to pro hockey, pro everything, and this is by far the best environment for a game,” Meeker said.

“It’s phenomenal. It’s what gives this stadium and this fan base the excitement that we have,” Lowry said.

Even though New York won the match, Sporting KC’s fans are hoping to take home the next game.

They will play Chicago on March 10 at Toyota Park.

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