KKFI radio station celebrates 30 years on the airwaves

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Today is a milestone for community radio in the metro. KKFI is celebrating thirty years on the airwaves, and they held an open house to mark the occasion.

The station began with their first broadcast in 1988.

The event was full of volunteers and supporters from throughout the years.

Listeners were encouraged to call in and share their KKFI memories.

Their Development Director, Bill Sundhal, says the reason they are able to be so successful is all thanks to those who volunteer.

“The spirit of KKFI is in the people. In the human beings that come in here day in and day out, and our reception desk is manned by volunteers, our station manager is a group of volunteers,” Sundahl said. “It really is members of the community building more community. That’s what we’ve been doing for thirty years: enriching the lives of those around us, even if they never set foot in the station.”

Sundhal says KKFI is a passion for those who choose to give their time.

“The passion of the KKFI volunteers is unmatched in my estimation. It takes – if you just have a show. Just all you do is come in for your show that’s – I don’t know – twenty hours a week at least every week of your life that you’re involved at KKFI,” Sundahl said.

Sundahl says they are always looking for new volunteers and they are willing to train people who are interested in radio and want to learn more.

If you are interested, visit their website.

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