One Good Meal makes sure metro’s elderly and homebound folks don’t go hungry

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Original Post

The cold is reaching dangerous, even deadly, levels here in the metro area, and it has organizations taking an extra step to make sure the people they serve are OK.

One Good Meal checks on more than 100 elderly and homebound people every day.

“This is called the central route, and there’s about fifteen people on it,” said Board President and volunteer Jeff Silver.

He does his best to help those who need it.

“Some of them are shut-ins. They don’t have cars, or they can’t get out, and especially this time of year when it’s really cold,” Silver said.

The organization serves the elderly and disabled of Lee’s Summit

“One hundred and twenty to one hundred and forty meals a day. So, figure that. That’s quite a bit,” Silver said.

The people they serve are grateful for their efforts.

“Thank you. God bless them every step they take, and every door they go to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family,” said client John Williamson.

Roberta McArthur started the organization years ago with her mother when a local woman needed help.

“I don’t have a waiting list. In all honesty if you call me before nine thirty in the morning – you will have lunch that day. We might have to scramble. There’s a fine possibility it’ll be McDonald’s, but you will have a hot lunch,” McArthur said.

McArthur said, without volunteers like Silver, many could be out of luck.

“They’d have to fend for themselves. They would have to get a relative, if they have a relative, to bring them food. Or, again, they would have to go out. Look at this weather. It’s eight degrees – have to go out and get it even if they have a car,” Silver said.

Silver said the effort is worth the result.

“They can’t get out and it’s cold and you`re bringing them a hot meal and you can see that they really like it, so I feel good about it,” Silver said.

One Good Meal relies on donations, and this year McArthur said it’s been tough.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to One Good Meal visit their website here.

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