Metro woman shares her journey from door-knocking to top Avon salesperson

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Original Post

Avon has millions of people who sell their products worldwide, but did you know the biggest seller in America is right here in the metro?

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt sat down with Elizabeth Demas about her journey to making millions by knocking on doors.

It’s a small storefront in Overland Park on South Quivira Road, but it sells more Avon products than any like it in the U.S.

“The first three times I sold it was just for fun,” said owner Elizabeth Demas.

She started her fourth time around 15 years ago when she was laid off from Sprint in telecommunications after the dotcom bubble burst.

“During the day when I was at home I did phone calls, or paperwork, and then as soon as he came home I had the dinner ready so everyone could sit down to eat, and I walked out the door and I knocked on doors, or I did deliveries, or I did things that required me to be outside the house,” Demas said.

In her first 6 months, she passed out thousands of fliers, and sold over $10,000 in products.

“I met a woman that had a store, well, I said – I’ll open a store, and so I ended up really having a sales side. So, had I thought I’d own the number one store in the country? No. Not in my wildest dreams,” Demas said.

It allowed her to take care of her kids – on her time, especially her daughter who has Down Syndrome.

“If I didn’t own my own business I would have been fired by now. I mean, or I would have had to quit. I took my laptop to the PICU, and I’m there so I got to hear every time an alarm went off. I got to be right there with her, and it all just kind of worked together,” Demas said.

She wrote a book “From Knocking on Doors to Making Millions,” not about her life, but how you can make direct sales work for you.

“If they’re bringing in three to five hundred dollars a month, they’re saving their family from bankruptcy, they’re helping make all the bills be met, they’re putting food on their family’s table,” Demas said.

Demas said there’s enough money in the world for everyone, and she wants to help others get it.

“Knowing that you’re changing people’s lives, knowing that you’re putting food on the table, that you’re helping children be fed, that women can achieve their dreams, that’s what moves me. That’s what motivates me. That’s what I want to leave with the world,” Demas said.

If you are interested in learning directly from Demas, she is having a direct sales bootcamp on February 28th at the Matt Ross Community Center at 8101 Marty Street in Overland Park.

You can also learn more at the Avon Mega Store website, or the company’s Facebook page.

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