Lenexa non-profit offers women a second chance at life after prison

LENEXA, Kan. — Original Post

For women coming out of prison in Kansas, there is a new way to restart your life.

GROW, Grace Restores Overcoming Women, opened in Lexena.

One of it’s creators, Lorrie Trout, always dreamed of helping women.

“It’s not just a house for them to go to. This is a place that we want to restore. Bring restoration, and bring encouragement and show them there is another side to life,” Trout said.

She and Bev Banks opened the non-profit which is years in the making.

“A lot of programs talk about men coming out of prison, and what they can do, but nobody ever talks about women coming out of prison. It`s kind of like they`re lost in there,” Banks, the organization’s CEO said.

Trout didn’t know helping incarcerated women would be her calling until her life changed.

“I used to say “those people”, but when I found myself on that side of the law – it`s not “those people” anymore – I’m one of them,” Trout said.

She spent a month in jail during a dark time in her life.

“If I hadn’t gone there I wouldn’t know what these women deal with. What it`s like on the other side of the law,” Trout said.

“I’m not helping her, as much as we are bonding together to help others,” Banks said.

GROW is a 4 bedroom home, and a 2 year program.

The placement begins before women leave prison, and they have to have a job, but they get help for a new chance at life.

The program provides clothing, computer classes, motivational speaking, counseling, and bible study.

“Just because you have felony on you, just because you have a name on you – it`s just a label that the world has given. It doesn’t mean that life is over,” Trout said.

“Everybody deserves a chance. You know, we’re not naive. You know, we know that there`s going to be times that it`s not going to be pretty, and it won`t work, but how do you know if you don’t give them a chance. If you don`t say – let me give you a chance,” Banks said.

GROW started completely on donations – from the house, to services, and everything inside of it.

The organizations says what they need most right now is 2 bedroom dressers.

If you would like to help GROW please contact them at faith@gracerestores.org.

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