KC businesses brace for dropping temperatures

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

This weather is not letting up, and it’s getting ready to get a lot colder.

So, if you have a hat and coat today, you’ll be okay, but with snow in the forecast some people around Kansas City are getting ready for another round of extreme weather.

“We had a really warm start to the season, but now that we’re in winter it has been very brutally cold,” said West Lake Ace Hardware General Manager Amber Murfin.

Murfin says business is picking up.

“Mostly just a little bit of snow shovels, but more – the ice scrapers for their cars, windshield washing fluid, and ice melt for the ground and sidewalks,” Murfin said.

With frozen rain comes frozen cars.

“Because of the last storm system that came in we had people that weren’t able to get into their cars, because the doors themselves were frozen,” Murfin said.

So if you’re going to be freezing, you may as well get a cup of coffee, and get out of the cold.

“It warms your heart, it warms your soul, and it physically warms your body,” said Crow’s Coffee General Manager Alice Nelson.

She says their coffee shop is a good place to duck into.

“Everybody’s kind of acclimated to the cold, so they’re starting to come out more like they normally would,” Nelson said.

She says, for a cup of coffee, braving the cold is worth it.

“Oh, it’s always worth it to get that cup of coffee. It’s always worth it. You’ll just feel better,” Nelson said.

While the coffee isn’t going to run out, neither are the snow shovels.​

“We will stay in stock. So, our inventory management team is working very hard to make sure that we stay stocked on our products,” Murfin said.

If you still need a last minute item to prep for the cold, Murfin says you can text the store’s main number, and they have curbside pickup.

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