Bone marrow donor says a small decision can make a big impact

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

A little boy has a second chance at life thanks to a Kansas City, Missouri man who is his perfect bone marrow match.

Luke Beckett never imagined a small act could save someone’s life.

“They said all you’ve got to do is swab your cheek, they put you on the registry, so I thought, why not?” Beckett said.

Beckett added his name to a bone marrow registry with DKMS a few years back.

“It literally took thirty seconds to swab,” Beckett said.

Then in November, he got the call.

“I listened to the voicemail, and I didn’t cry, but my eyes kinda got watery because I was taken aback. It was the very last thing that I`d been thinking about at that point,” Beckett said.

Since then he’d graduated from Rockhurst University, got married, and had his son Corbin.

“I had no hesitation whatsoever that it was something I was going to pursue to whatever degree I was going to be able to, because, my wife having been a cancer survivor, she didn’t need a blood transfusion or a marrow donation, but had she needed one I would have wanted somebody to do this for her,” Beckett said.

Beckett said the process was simple and free.

There was a little pain, but after a few weeks he was back to normal.

“The opportunity to change someone’s life forever is so worth it, in terms of the small amount of discomfort that I’ve experienced,” Beckett said.

He doesn’t know much about the recipient, but he does know it’s a little boy fighting Lymphoma.

As a father, he can’t imagine what this family is going through.

“When I think about my son is when it`s the most overwhelming to me, because as a parent I learned the very first moment that my wife and I were able to hold my son how fast you can fall in love, and be afraid that something bad could happen,” Beckett said.

Beckett says while he believes the gift was simple, he was honored to give it.

“I never in a million years would have guess that I would’ve been somebody that was fortunate enough to be able to donate to someone,” Beckett said.

If you would like to register to be a bone marrow donor the process is simple. Visit and register.

They will mail you a pouch to swab your cheek. Send it back and wait. If you are a match they will give you a call to let you know.

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