Man finds hope helping people in Sikeston recover from storm damage

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

A Sikeston non-profit is helping others get back on their feet, but a year-and-a-half ago, the agency was the one that needed help.

A storm came through and destroyed much of their building.

Mission Missouri lives by the motto ‘The Face of Recovery.’

Executive director Jane Pfefferkorn said after the storm it means much more.

“The fact that it did not harm anyone, because we had residents living here, that was amazing. It could have been so much worse,” Pfefferkorn said.

Back in May of 2016 Pfefferkorn said a late night storm left them at a loss.

“Parts were laying out in the yard. Water poured in for really weeks until we were really able to get the damage repaired,” Pfefferkorn said.

She said the$100,000 dollars worth of damage was overwhelming.

“It was really God sending certain people that have the talents that we needed that we did not have in place before the storm happened,” Pfefferkorn said.

Someone like David West who said he ended up at Mission Missouri after a paperwork error.

“It was in disarray when I walked in. It was like okay I’m back in chaos, but it was good chaos for me, because it helped me along the way to give back to where in the past I’d been taking all along,” West said.

West worked in construction.

He’s also been to prison six times, and went to treatment more than 40 times.

“The ceilings and the walls were pretty much gone. So, we had to start with just the cover-up of the roof, and then working on the inside,” West said.

The work gave West a mission in life, and Pfefferkorn gave him a job as house manager.

“Finally. That I was really achieving something with my life, and not tearing it apart,” West said.

But – that achievement went even farther – when David West Jr. got out of prison and started his life over with his dad by his side.

“He gives me strength and help, and I’m glad to see him working hard for this place because it shows that it inspires him,” West Jr. said.

David Jr. said it’s great to see The Mission rebuilt, but it’s a fresh start for him and his dad as well.

“It looks a lot brighter now. I have a lot of good moments with him now that I never had before,” West Jr. said.

If you know someone who needs assistance anywhere in the state of Missouri you can contact Mission Missouri, and they can help you find a number of resources.

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