Sikeston native goes viral as ‘Nacho Man’ during Cardinals vs. Cubs game

St Louis, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

First there was rally squirrel, then rally cat, and now – Nacho Man.

At the September 25 Cardinal’s game a star was born after his nachos ended up on the field.

Andrew Gudermuth is a Sikeston native, and that night was even more special than it seemed on T.V.

“It was definitely a night to remember,” Gudermuth said.

Gudermuth’s grandpa bought Cardinals tickets for him, his girlfriend, mom, and cousin to celebrate with front row seats his mom beating cancer.

“My mom had chemo for a year, and so we couldn’t actually go,” Gudermuth said.

Gudermuth’s favorite thing to get at Busch – the nachos.

“I was craving those nachos for about a week until the game, and I got my nachos, and I was about to sit down, and then all of the sudden here comes Russell out of left field, spears my girlfriend into the chair, and then kicks my nachos out of my hand,” Gudermuth said.

Then reality set in.

“I was very sad that my nachos had hit the ground, and then I realized my girlfriend was probably in pain,” Gudermuth said.

Addison Russel of The Cubs was nice enough to take a selfie with the Sikeston native and his crew.

Then both the Cubs and Cards brought back a gift.

“The Cardinals outdid themselves, and gave me loaded nachos again, and he came over with plain chips and a cup of cheese,” Gudermuth said.

Gudermuth said he gained some respect for the Cubs, but of course – the Cards outdid them – even if they didn’t win the game.

“Even though it was a loss, it was probably one of the greatest moments ever,” Gudermuth said.

Now “Nacho Man” is internet famous, but he said the best part is it was a memorable night for him and his mom.

“She was beyond excited. She was photobombing, enjoying it, and laughing at it, it was – it was awesome. It is so surreal. I can’t even grasp how that happened in one night,” Gudermuth said.

Nacho Man said after that he caught three foul balls during the game. What luck.

He’s hoping to make it on the blooper reel at Busch during rain delays – until the end of time.

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