Man recalls run-in with men accused of murder in Reynolds County, MO

CARTER COUNTY, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

We are learning more about the two men accused of murder in Reynolds County, Missouri, especially David Young.

One Carter County man said not too long ago he found Young knocking on his door.

“No phone call, nothing like that. I didn’t know they were coming. They just showed up,” said Bruce, a Carter County resident.

He owns a home in Carter County and said David Young helped seal his driveway some years ago.

So, he was surprised when in 2016 he showed up at his door, with Timothy Callahan sitting in a truck.

“He kind of looked a little bit nervous to me, to be honest with you. I asked him for a paper or something so if I changed my mind I could call him or something,” Bruce said.

Which Bruce kept just in case.

When the news in Reynolds County about a double murder and triple shooting broke, he was shocked.

“I said you won’t believe this, but these two men that Sherae Honeycutt had posted pictures of, are the two men that came to our house,” Bruce said.

According to court documents, door knocks are something David Young has experience with.

In Gasconade County, he allegedly extorted a couple for over $18,000, and another couple in St. Francois County for more than $11,000. Totaling over $30,000.

“The fact that these same people showed up at our house I wonder if we weren’t in their sights,” Bruce said.

It’s still unclear what caused Young and Callahan to allegedly stop at the Nance’s house that day, but Reynolds County Sheriff Stout said if you ever get an unannounced door knock, you have to be careful.

“Be very careful. Make sure who he is, ask him for his driver’s license, some kind of an ID, and get a phone number saying, ‘well, if I’m interested I’ll contact you later,” Sheriff Stout said.

Which is exactly what Bruce did.

Bruce said he believes his faith kept him safe.

“I think he was just watching over us. I sure do.”

Both David Young and Timothy Callahan are facing two counts of first-degree murder in Reynolds County.

They were arrested in Ohio outside Cincinnati, and are expected to be extradited back to Missouri in the coming weeks.

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