Cape Girardeau County adopts prescription drug monitoring program


Another Heartland county is stepping up to combat opioid abuse.

On August 14, Cape Girardeau County joined the list of Missouri counties, with their own drug monitoring programs.

In July, Governor Eric Grietens signed an executive order establishing a drug monitoring program for the state, the last to do so in the nation.

However, Cape Girardeau county commissioners wanted to make sure they were ready for the change.

The commission signed an ordinance joining St. Louis county’s system.

The program allows doctors across the county to track and monitor opioid prescriptions.

It is something commissioners believe will not only keep track of prescriptions, but help people who are struggling with addiction.

“Physicians, doctors, law enforcement, juvenile, hospitals, pharmacies realize that this is a problem and are willing to take proactive steps to try to combat this issue and give folks, you know the bottom line is getting folks help if they need it, and they are providing another tool so that can happen,” said Presiding Commissioner Clint Tracy.

Some who attended the meeting were concerned about law enforcement using the database to obtain information.

However, it would only be available to police if they have a warrant to access any information.

The ordinance is in effect now, but it will take time to get the system up and running.

Cape Girardeau County joins ButlerScott, and Ste. Genevieve counties in adopting the monitoring program in The Heartland.

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