Remains of Lynn Messer laid to rest, death investigation still active


A Ste Genevieve County woman is laid to rest nearly three years after she went missing.

But, plenty of questions still surround the death of Lynn Messer.

“Thank you for the daily adventures of life, and for the adventures of a lifetime, as the love of my life.”

Kerry Messer reads the letter he wrote for his late wife Lynn’s burial earlier this week.

“We will still have a memorial funeral where we will focus on her service. Her life. Her love of the lord. I just don’t know when that’s going to be, Messer said.

The small private ceremony took place in Greene County, Arkansas where Kerry’s family is from.

Even though Lynn’s body is now at rest the investigation into her death is moving forward.

“We have a group of dedicated detectives that since day one when this case came out have been working this case, and we won’t stop until we determine what caused Lynn’s death,” said Major Jason Schott with The Ste. Genevieve Sheriff’s Department.

Major Schott says extensive testing on Lynn’s remains came up inconclusive.

“There’s a thousand unanswered questions still, and I don’t know that I could ever find closure without that,” Messer said.

KFVS asked Major Schott what he would say to someone who might think the case is dead, that there are no suspects, and no evidence at this point.

“There may be stuff that we’re currently looking at that we can’t talk about, because it is an active investigation. Our hope and our dream is to be able to determine what caused Lynn’s death, and to be able to give them some closure on that,” Major Schott said.

Something Messer says he is hoping for too.

“It would sure be nice to have some of those questions answered so the family could pull back together again,” Messer said.

Because while Lynn is now at peace – those she left behind are still hurting.

“Rest assured that our love cannot fade from the shredded heart of a proud husband,” Messer read from his letter.

Major Schott says Messer’s cause of death is still considered unknown, and no cause of death will be entered until the investigation is closed.

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