Mississippi County Detention Center gets security and facility upgrades


Over the past few months there have been a lot of changes at The Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department, and over the next few months there will be a lot more.

Acting sheriff Branden Caid said he’s making department wide improvements to training and the jail.

“I’m trying my best, honestly, but it is a little bit – it’s new,” said Sheriff Caid

Brandon Caid never imagined he’d be acting Sheriff when he came to Mississippi County at the beginning of this year.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for a long time, but I’ve never dealt with a county jail. So, it’s a little more overwhelming than most people would believe,” Caid said.

However Sheriff Caid said, he’s working hard and making changes.

“We ask that everyone bear with us to when we implement these knew changes,” Caid said.

They include new security cameras, training for jail staff and a complete overhaul of their seven jail pods.

Captain Barry Morgan took a camera crew inside to get a better look.

The old pods have rotting ceilings, chipped paint and out of date cameras.

“The 360 cam that’s coming in is going to go right here in the center, and what that does – that 360 – it will cover every inch of concrete in this place,” Morgan said.

New cameras are coming inside, and outside the building.

Major repairs are still needed inside the living areas.

“We learned that there was some cell doors that weren’t functioning. It looks like they’ve been broke for some time. Exactly how long I don’t know,” Caid said.

However, the main doors to the pods are working just fine.

Morgan said he is glad to help get the jail up to date.

“It feels good doing these upgrades, yes it is stressful at some point, but it’s forward progress that we are making here at the sheriff’s office,” Morgan said.

Caid said he’s just trying to do his best – until his time is up.

“The people elected their sheriff here, the county has appointed me to fill in until whatever happens with his court cases are over, so I don’t have any undo desire to speed that process up, or to shorten that process. I’m simply going to do the best I can until whatever happens,” Caid said.

Morgan said total cost of upgrading the pods is almost $18,000, not including the cost of the cameras.

Inmates are being moved one pod at a time to make the renovations.

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