Cape Girardeau Police recall saving unborn baby one year later


1 year ago we broke the news of a tragic crash on Highway 55.

A woman 8 months pregnant had to be rushed to the hospital.

She did not survive – but her baby did.

Reporter Sherae Honeycutt sits down with the men who saved the child’s life.

“You do what you’re trained to do and try to preserve life as best you can at that point,” said Corporal Carey Dunavan with The Cape Girardeau Police Department.

May 11th, 2016.

Lieutenant Bradley Smith and Corporal Carey Dunavan with The Cape Girardeau Police were running an errand to the air show, when they came across a scene they will never forget.

“We noticed that there was a car upside down,” Smith said.
“Lieutenant Smith yelled to me that she was eight months pregnant. I couldn’t find a pulse. He came over and tried to find a pulse. He couldn’t find one either,” Dunavan said.
The mother passed away, but her daughter Maddyson miraculously survived.

She was born at St. Francis Hospital in an emergency c-section.

“It’s kinda hard to wrap your hands around it – it’s so big, you know that you just saved an unborn baby’s life. I mean, it’s pretty amazing,” Smith said.

Her family sends the department updates on her that both men love to hear.

“She just had her first birthday, and she’s pretty cute, and she’s doing very well, so she’s going to have a very healthy life,” Smith said.

Smith and Dunavan were commended for their efforts that day, but both say – Maddyson’s life is what is important.

“I would tell her to eat lots of candy, stay up late, and the best of luck to her,” Dunnavan said.

“Live life to the fullest, and never take anything for granted,” Smith said.

Both Smith and Dunavan say, The Cape Giardeau Fire Department was also vital in saving Maddyson’s life.

They hope one day they are able to meet her when her family is ready.

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