Brown recluse spiders cause concerns in warm weather


With temperatures on the rise, you may be looking for a cool place to hide, but so are some dangerous insects.

Chris Horrell with Bug Zero said at this time of year, insects are trying to get inside your home to beat the heat.

That includes brown recluse spiders.

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported, their bite can cause serious medical problems, and wounds.

Horrell said the best way to protect yourself is to start prevention early and to know where they like to hide.

“Getting some application in your places like an attic, or a crawl space… and also being careful about bringing stuff into your home,” Horrell said. “Say, if you had some items stored – cardboard boxes are kind of a bad practice. If you can move them into plastic tubs that are sealed they’re less likely to be hiding in there, and they won’t get into the tub – where they would get into a box.”

Horrell also mentioned application; one thing you can do is use sticky traps in your attic or places that spiders hide.

Horrell said if you are concerned about kids or pets getting stuck, vegetable oil will take the stick off quick.

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