Boy remembers grandfather at Bloomfield Memorial Day ceremony each year

BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

Each year in Bloomfield hundreds come to pay their respects to who are no longer with us on Memorial Day.

One of them is a boy from Jackson, Missouri.

For 11-year-old Cayden Myers one veteran stands out above the rest.

His grandfather, Albert Jordan.

“He was a nice, caring, giving guy. If you needed something he would help you with it.,” Myers said.

Cayden comes to the Bloomfield Memorial Day service because he loves his grandpa so much.

“Our grandpa came here so we would do this, and he knew that we would like it, and so that’s why we come here every year,” Myers said.

Cayden said his Nana tells him stories about his grandpa’s time in the service.

Jordan served in The Navy during World War II and Korea.

“I’m happy that they come here to see everybody, and thank everybody for what they do,” Myers said.

One of his favorite things is to take pictures with others who served, and when he’s done – he visits his grandpa.

“I think about how he served in the war, and what a good grandpa he was,” Myers said.

Cayden said being in the service stayed with Jordan.

“In the military they have discipline, and they want you to help others, and so I think that’s what helped him also,” Myers said.

Even though the day can be somber – Cayden said he understands it’s a celebration of life.

“It makes me feel happy, because they do it because they want us to be free, and live our lives, and grow up,” Myers said.

Cayden says he’s not sure if he will ever join the military, because he understands it’s a big responsibility.

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