Mississippi River traffic closure causes slowdown for SEMO Port Authority

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

With the Mississippi River still at high levels, and river traffic shut down, businesses at the Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority are at a standstill.

Currently, river traffic is closed between Chester and Cairo, Ill.

Some work is still able to be done but it’s not easy.

Dan Overbey, the executive director of the SEMO Port Authority, said grain sellers are still able to do some business.

Others can store items until those water levels go down.

Overbey said even though they can’t control what the river does they are prepared for high waters.

“Part of being on the river is you factor that in, and you realize you’re going to be closed at least some number of days because of flooding. This is definitely towards the extreme side. It’s within a foot of one of the all time records, or couple of records, but if you’re in the business that uses the river you have to allow for that,” Overbey said.

Not only is their barge and boat traffic shut down, but also the train traffic from the port.

Those trains normally connect to the Union Pacific Railroad, and the BNSF rail lines.

Overbey said they are monitoring water levels, and hope to have traffic back up either May 9 or 10.

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