Family of man who died in Mississippi County jail ask for justice, NAACP reacts


The decision to remove Hutcheson late Tuesday, May 9 by the Attorney General hinged on the death of a Tennessee man.

Tory Sanders’ family told Jessica Jaglois of WKRN that he took a drive trying to clear his head, but somehow ended up in Missouri dead in a jail cell.

Chief Robert Hearns of Charleston’s Department of Public Safety said Sanders was picked up on the morning of Friday, May 5, at 10 a.m., and placed on a protective custody hold and not arrested.

He was then transported to The Mississippi County Jail.

Sanders died in an incident that injured six law enforcement officers.

Sanders family say they are shocked by what happened next.

“He loved to play with his kids, he just loved being a father. I just want justice for my nephew, my family, that’s all we want, we just want justice,” said Sanders aunt Natasha Nance to WKRN.

Coroner and acting Mississippi County Sheriff Terry Parker said Sanders suffered no trauma, but had been tased.

Now the NAACP is speaking out about Sanders death.

A lawyer for the NAACP says if Sanders was only detained, he may have been dealing with a mental health issue.

“if someone is having a mental health crisis, you do not detain them or forcibly restrain them and tase them,” said NAACP lawyer Michael Hoskins.

Something Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley agrees with.

According to The Mississippi County Coroner and acting Sheriff Terry Parker, Sanders cause of death is undetermined.

Hawley said in a press conference on May 11 that he would be looking at surveillance video to determined what happened in Sanders holding cell.

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