Doniphan PD: Riverfront Park closed due to unsafe E.coli levels

DONIPHAN, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

The Doniphan Police Department reports Riverfront Park is closed due to unsafe E.coli levels.

The police department posted on Facebook that after the recent flooding, soil samples were taken from the park that show the E.coli count may not be safe.

The park is closed until further notice.

It’s a pretty depressing sight for any kid looking to throw a ball but staying away is better than an E. coli infection.

Doniphan Utilities Director Ron Griffin said the park looks drastically different now than it did a few weeks ago.

“When you first approach the park you think, my goodness, what’s happened?” Griffin said.

Record flood levels left behind astronomic levels of the E. coli bacteria. High levels are considered in the low hundreds and this park’s levels were in the tens of thousands here.

That’s sad news for some summer little league baseball players.

“Depressed. I can’t play no more until it gets back up and running. ” Keagan Griffin said.

“We practiced like from before they even had tryouts to prepare for this, and we got to tryouts and like it washed it away and now we can’t do anything with it.” Payden Hardar said.

The boys didn’t know much about the bacteria but said they thought it might be able to kill people.

Not quite, but it can make you very sick.

“It is a bummer to the kids. We’ve spoken with several kids,” Ron Griffin said. “They’re trying to find other activities to keep them busy during this time with the park is not open, but hopefully we’ll be open soon.”

These all-stars are ready to hit one out of the park.

“I’ve been waiting for it since school started and school got out that I was going to get to play baseball this year, but I don’t get to. ” Spencer Griffin said.

But for now, they’ll have to enjoy their summer where levels are low even if they just want to play.

“I hope they like take their time, and like make sure it goes away and stuff so that we can play on it again.” Payden Hardar said.

Ron Griffin said they are testing the soil every day and the levels are slowly going down.

They hope it only delays the season for about a week.

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