CAPE PD: Man shoots into woman’s house during attempted break-in


A Cape Girardeau, Missouri woman is shaken after a knock on her door led to a bullet through her wall.

Break-ins happen from time to time in every community, but Sargent Rick Schmidt with The Cape Girardeau Police Department said this one is pretty unusual.

The attempted break-in happened on Monday, May 8, on Meriwether Street in Cape Girardeau around 3 p.m.

“I didn’t know what I had to do, but I knew I had to protect myself,” said the woman who lives in the home.

We are not using her name for her safety.

She said she didn’t know what to think when she heard a knock on her door.

“He went away, and I looked out windows, but I didn’t see anybody,” she said.

However, minutes later she heard something else, and grabbed her gun.

“So, I was just going to scare him, so I raised the shades, had the gun, but he also had a gun, and if I hadn’t have fallen over, and fell on the floor it would have got me,” she said.

She said the bullet went right over her head, and into a wall.

“Attempted break-ins – we have those periodically, but as far as with an individual with a gun that fires off a round while the homeowner or someone is in the house – no, we haven’t had those lately,” Sargent Schmidt said.

The shooter ran off and luckily the woman only has bumps and bruises instead of bullet wounds.

“I never imagined it really happening to me. You hear it happening to other people, and you think – wow, that’s really scary, but you don’t think of it happening to yourself,” she said.

Now, she just wants the shooter to know they are not welcome at her house.

“I’d tell him not to ever come back here again, because I will be ready. I’m watching, and I won’t be afraid.”

The alleged shooter is currently not in custody.

He is described as a black male, tall, and was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt at the time of the attempted break-in.

Sargent Schmidt said if you get a knock on the door, and you don’t know who it is – the safest thing to do is call police.

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