Van Buren, MO woman loses home, work, church in spring flood

VAN BUREN, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

More than 100 homes are damaged, along with around 30 businesses in Van Buren, Missouri because of Spring Flood ’17.

Amanda Goodwin moved here a few weeks ago from around Nashville to be a youth pastor at Van Buren’s First Baptist Church.

She never imagined that her house would be gone, and her church severely damaged.

Goodwin said the water came up quickly, and she had to wade through it to save what she could.

She said she believes there is greater meaning to what happened here.

“Now, I can’t tell you right now what the reason is, but as I said to somebody this morning – you go through times and you don’t know, but you know, when you go through times like this you can remember the times in the past, and know that in my perspective, God’s going to bring you through, and hopefully others can have that hope and peace in that too,” Goodwin said.

The First Baptist Church has severe damage to much of the building, and as of May 4, they are still pumping water out of the basement.

Goodwin said she is surprised about one thing she was able to save.

She said two Bibles she received as a gift from family somehow weren’t damaged.

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