Self-esteem program helps girls at Fredericktown High school


Being a teenager can be tough, but a group of girls at Fredericktown High School say an after-school program is making it easier.

It’s called Just for Girls 2, and the group focuses on building up their self-esteem.

“Today we’re going to talk about how words are powerful,” mentor Becky Stamp told the group of girls.

Every Wednesday Mrs. Stamp has a new lesson ready.

This lesson was about words that hurt, and the ones that make you feel better.,

“When I say one of the negative things on there I want you to take your heart and I want you to crumple it a little bit each time. Because each time someone says something negative to us it crumples our heart just a little bit more,” Stamp said.

“Doesn’t that make you feel good that someone says you feel beautiful? Un-crumple your heart a little bit,” Stamp said.

Hallie Singer comes every week.

“I hear people talk about me all the time, but I put it aside, and I let it go, because I know that I can come here and talk to everyone else about it on Wednesday,” Singer said.

“I have seen them grow. At first, they did not want to open up and share their feelings. I’ve even seen their attendance get better at school, because they have people that care about them,” Stamp said.

The group focuses on building the girls up, when so often they may feel let down.

“This group helps a lot just seeing Mrs.Stamp during the day, and knowing she’s here for us. She’s like the light in our world I guess you’d say. Cause she’s always here for all of us. She knows what we’re feeling, and how we’re feeling, and she lets us talk to her about it,” Singer said.

“I love these girls just like they are my own. I worry about them when we’re not here at school,” Stamp said.

The girls say Mrs. Stamp’s lessons help them throughout the week, especially when that line of support isn’t right there.

“Nobody knows what’s going on besides you, so every school should at least have some kind of group like this. Some teacher should step up and start a group just to talk to people. Make them feel like they’re wanted in life, and just help them roll everything off their shoulders that gets told bad to them,” Singer said.

The group originated at the Fredericktown Middle School with their Just for Girls group.

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