Scott City mayor: Audit underway, 3 people no longer employed by city

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

An audit is underway in Scott City, Missouri amidst the dismissal of one employee and the resignation of two others.

One of the former employees, Ron Eskew, said he was asked to resign following an internal audit. His resignation was effective March 9.

While its unknown at this time what that audit entails, the city’s attorney said in a statement, “The city is not aware of any written correspondence, including emails about spending city funds.”

That statement was sent as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Lieutenant Casey Dodd with the Scott City Police Department resigned from his position on March 14.

Those documents also show that City Clerk Cindy Uhrhan was fired from her position on Feb. 21. The council voted 6-0 for her dismissal. However, two members of the city council abstained from the vote.

On Monday, March 20, Eskew stood in front of the city council and asked for payment from the city.

He requested that the council pay him for 11 days of roll over vacation time from last year, as well as paying a two month severance package if the internal audit shows, as he claims, he has done nothing wrong.

The council approved those payments as long as the audit shows he was not involved in any wrong doing.

Mayor Ron Cummins said he and other city leaders are compiling documents to take to the Scott County Prosecutor’s Office.

He also said he intends to ask the city council to enact significant policy changes in the immediate future, “as the old way of doing business lacked sufficient oversight and fostered an environment that was ripe for individual activity without accountability.”

Mayor Cummins said he could not comment further about the circumstances.

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