Mayfield, KY woman finds more than 30,000 bees in wall of home

MAYFIELD, KY (KFVS) – Original Post

Bees are fine at a distance, but what if you found thousands in your wall?

That’s the situation one Mayfield, Kentucky woman is dealing with – bees, and a lot of them.

“Anywhere from thirty thousand to forty thousand bees at least,” said Specialty Wildlife Control Agent, Micah Seavers, with Seavers Beavers and More Wildlife Management.

“I knew there was a nest in there. I just didn’t realize how big,” said Debbie Travis, who owns the home.

Travis had no clue.

“It was very, very loud, and when I pulled open the window there were just bees. Everywhere,” Travis said.

There was something that made it even worse.

“I happen to be allergic to them. I swell up like a balloon,” said Travis.

“We had to cut a section of the drywall out, and behind that we found a five-foot tall bee hive that was three layers deep of honeycomb,” said Seavers.

When Travis saw the pictures all she could think was one thing.

“Run. Run. That’s the only thing I could think is – Run. Burn the end of the house, do whatever you have to do to get the bees gone,” Travis said.

Seavers sucked the bees up and took them to a keeper, so Travis could sleep a little easier.

“Death was over my head as I was sleeping every night. If I had moved the bed and hit the wall wrong – I could have busted the wall open,” Travis said.

“If she’d have been asleep and it had fallen in – that would have been it for her,” Seavers said.

So, what’s going to happen to all that sweet honey?

“I usually bring a little bit back to the homeowners,” Seavers said.

“I don’t want it. I’ll keep it in a jar to remind me to keep an eye on my house,” Travis said.

If you’re wondering how these bees got into the wall:

“It’s just the right space, and the right opening for them to be able to build a hive just like they would in a tree out in the wild, or anywhere else,” Seavers said.

Seavers said all it takes is a queen bee to get a new hive going, and that queen could be out there – waiting.

However, Travis said she’ll be watching her wall.

“I hope and pray that they don’t come back,” Travis said.

Seavers said to get a hive that big, the bees were probably in the wall for the last four years.

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