Time, monetary donations most needed in Perryville after tornado

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

It has been almost a week since the “Night of Destruction,” and the community of Perryville is seeing an outpouring of support.

But, at this point, what do they really need?

City officials say financial and volunteer hour donations are most needed.

“We have so many resources, so many goods coming in, it’s becoming a logistical problem, ” said Mayor Ken Bahr

The Mayor said financial donations, even if they are small, can help families in the long run.

“Money does not have an expiration date, so it can be used long term, and we do expect some long-term problems, and long-term solutions, and money is an ideal vehicle to meet those needs,” Mayor Behr said.

If you don’t have money to give, another way is to volunteer.

However, it’s important to plan ahead by using the volunteer hotline, and not just show up.

“We’d like for them to not just spontaneously arrive. The jobs are getting less frequent, and we still have lots of jobs to do,” said Frank Wideman with University of Missouri’s Perryville extension campus.

Wideman is helping organize volunteers where they are most needed.

Jennifer Streiler is one of many volunteers donating her time to a donation center.

“Anytime you have extra people living with you – that’s extra toilet paper, extra paper towels, extra soap, and we have all of those things here. So people who have extra people in their home definitely need to come in,” Streiler said.

Streiler said even the little things are available.

“People who have lost their property, they’re thinking big picture, but all of these things we could save a family hundreds of dollars,” Streiler said.

No matter how you give back, the Perryville community is grateful.

“This community sure thanks the neighbors, and friends, and families, and strangers that have shown up to help us out,” said Wideman.

“Crisis brings out the best in people. I always thing there’s more good than there is bad, and certainly this is all evidence of that,” said Streiler.

For more on how to help click here.

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